2019 NYS High School Nordic Predictions

November 18, 2018


Oh boy! It's that time of year again! 


Nordic season is back! KZM has been working hard over the summer and fall to catch up with NY's finest nordic racers and and we can certainly tell you this much: it's going to be a tightly contested season. After losing some big names on both the men's and Women's side, the fields are wide open,


Also new this season, KZM has jumped into the 21st century and drastically improved the state ranking and results page. Now, more interactive for you, the user, more insightful and informative as well. Results are updated in real time (real time as I'm updating them) and users have more freedom to sort and filter as they please. 


Below is the 2019 KZM pre-season predictions for NYS boys and girls high school nordic racing. But first I wanted to give a little plug: Last season KZM spent over 100 hours on speed ratings and results alone (not including articles and podcasts). While our content will always be free, your support is what keeps us powered and moving forward. If you enjoy our content and our site, please consider supporting KZM on www.Patreon.com/KZM. For $1/month you can provide us the support needed to keep providing in depth analysis and coverage of NYS high school racing. For you're support, you will be able to add a personalized window to your name in the state ranking for all to see. Thanks.

NYS Girls Preseason Predictions


1. Grace Mattern - Sophomore - Brighton - 100.00


Favorite Color: Blue

Prefers: "I can't choose between classic and skate"

Favorite Subject: Science


No surprise here. Our 2018 NYS champion is back, and is finally in a double-digit grade. Grace brings an intensity to the course that grabs your attention and turns heads; A level of competition seldom seen in our state. Like Klaebo on the World Cup, skiers in every section ought to look at Mattern's scrappy, win-at-all-cost style as the desired racing technique.


As a younger member of the field, Mattern was forced to ski with such ferocity in order to compete with the older field. Now that she is moving her way up the grade ladder and those around her are graduating out, look for Mattern to dominate section 5 and ultimately the state. The base 100 speed rating is where we will put Mattern for now, but don't be surprised if she touches 105 a few times throughout the year. 


2. Anna Schriefer - Senior- Mendon- 97.19


Favorite Color: White

Prefers: Classic

Favorite Subject: Econ


Last season's overall runner-up is back to challenge her section rival. One of only two skiers to end with over 100 speed rating, Schriefer may be the only one in the state who can challenge Mattern. While her skate speed rating is what propelled her to the top, Schriefer will have to buckle down this classic year to compete; ranking 5th in classic against a tightly contested field. Anna has the senior advantage and it seems her years of experience give her an edge in big-race situations. Schriefer had the 2nd fastest split at the State Championship relay which was classic, on a stride-heavy course. look for Anna Schriefer to pull to the front of the field and lead a stacked Mendon team. 



3. Bailey Gengel - Senior- Queensbury- 96.33





Favorite Color: Blue

Prefers: "Definitely Skate"

Favorite Subject: Chemistry



After shocking the Section 2 world with an out-of-nowhere victory at sectionals, Bailey is back and ready to defend her title. Bailey will be the first to tell you she prefers skate over classic, we shall see if she can remain at the front of the field against some young and sparky section 2 challengers. Bailey is unique to the nordic community as she does not run XC or play soccer in the fall. This volleyball player spends just as much time in the wight room as she does on the court. look for Gengel's superior strength to be the driving force behind her great results. 



4. Marli Damp - Sophomore - Lake Placid- 95.42



Favorite Color: 


Favorite Subject: 


5. Katrin Schreiner - Freshman - Hadley- 93.94


Favorite Color: Purple

Prefers: Skate

Favorite Subject: Math



Top 15 Predictions:

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Team to beat: Mendon


Mattern and Schriefer will not only be battling for individual glory this season but both will be leading their teams in a fierce battle for not only the section championship, but state title as well. While Mendon has more skiers at the front of the pack, Mattern will give Brighton a giant advantage. Mendon will have to rely on seniority and experience to claim the victory. This is a classic "young vs. old" battle. Will the young Brighton squad disrupt the section or will Mendon claim the opportunity they have been waiting for? 


For Full Team Predictions Click Here




NYS Boys Preseason Predictions


1. Kai Frantz - Junior - Lake Placid - 100.00




Favorite Color: Black

Prefers: Skate

Favorite Subject: Physics


After graduation this spring NY lost some elite names in the Nordic world. Kai Frantz was the only one in the top 5 who was not a senior. look for Frantz to take advantage of the sudden attrition and stand out as the one to beat this season.


Kai has grown up under the wing of recent Lake Placid legends Scott and Karl Schulz, as well as Henry McGrew. look for Kai to continue the long Lake Placid tradition of not only winning, but dominating. 


Frantz has a decent lead of 3 SR points over the field, so expect him to further that lead and claim lake placid's 6th individual state champion in a row? (Scott, Henry, Karl x2 ?, Bryce Hartman? We need to do some research)



2. Jacob Alberga - Junior - Saranac Lake- 97.35



Favorite Color: Green

Prefers: Skate 

Favorite Subject: Math or Science


With graduation numbers so high, Saranac Lake's front man quickly ascends from 9th at the end of last season to 2nd at the beginning of this season. Coming off a Class C state championship this xc season, Alberga will be hungry for victory. Although section 7 is among the smallest in the state (only 2 teams) expect a fight for every place. Alberga will battle with Frantz for that crucial number 1 spot in section 7 as the winning team from the north will be a major contender at states. 



3. Erik Schreiner - Junior - Hadley- 97.28



Favorite Color: Orange

Prefers: Skate

Favorite Subject: Math (Calculus)


Our 3rd junior in the top 3, Schreiner is looking to upset the front runners from Section 7 and bring the championship back to Section 2. Only .07 SR points behind Alberga, expect a close fight for silver and bronze. 

While Erik really shined in the skate races last season, he actually had a higher classic average and beat Alberga in the classic relay at states. All in all the boys side will be extremely tight this season. 15 boys with a predicted SR greater than 90 and 7 greater than 95! Every second is going to count and the  way Erik gets low and swoops around the S-turn at Gore may be the advantage he needs to top the field.



4. Teddy Warfle - Junior - Honeoye Falls-Lima - 96.56


Favorite Color: Green

Prefers: Skate

Favorite Subject: Chemistry


5. Cam McDaniel - Senior - Honeoye Falls-Lima - 96.23


Favorite Color: Blue

Prefers: Skate

Favorite Subject: Physics



Top 15 Predictions:

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 Team Prediction: Honeyoe Falls-Lima


Although they  don't have anyone in the top 3, HFL boys have a back-to-back, 4-5 punch that will be hard to beat. Last season they shocked the state by racing with vengeance at states and took a day-1 lead. Unfortunately couldn't follow through to dethrone defending champs Lake Placid. Nevertheless HFL is the team to beat this year.


It's also important to note, Warfle and McDaniel are both just about 1 SR point from being number 2 in the state. On a good day, HFL has the chance to dominate the field and finish what they started last season. Saranac Lake is riding high off their XC running state championship and knows what it feels like to win. Expect an exciting day at the North Creek Ski Bowl this February.

 For full team predictions Click Here



Note from Kick Zone Media

Hope you all have a fun an successful nordic season. Community support is what drives speed ratings and NYS skiing coverage. If you have information regarding grades, results (especially from section 3) or even pictures you'd like to share, please email KZM at kickzonemedia@gmail.com. Huge shout out to section coordinators as they are the ones who send me most results and info that keeps this site going.


See you on the trail,

Kick Zone Media



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