Kick Zone Media's New Look

October 30, 2017

 Kick Zone Media has undergone some changes recently. After refocusing on the overall goal of KZM, we have decided to give the site a face lift. But here are the main features for you to explore:





1. Updates on what’s happening around the nordic community. 


Check back here to stay updated on all thing nordic in the US and around the world. We share links to content created by nordies as well as create our own in an effort to promote nordic skiing in the U.S. Follow Kick Zone Media on Insatgram and Facebook @Kickzonemedia. 


2. Start the discussion in the Forum


Head on over to the forum tab and start the discussion. Engage in friendly conversation on all topics relating to the nordic community. 


3. We promote the nordic community.


Along with our awesome sponsors, Kick Zone Media is powered by the Nordic Lifestyle Shop. 1/3 off all proceeds from sponsors and shop go directly to teams and athletes living the nordic lifestyle.


4. Want to contribute?

Fill out this form to point us to some awesome content. Use #livethenordiclife to grab our attention on social media or tag us in posts you want us to re-post. Have some stellar content worth more than just a re-post? Give us a brief description of what you’re creating and not only will we share it with our followers, we will compensate you accordingly for your hard work. 


Be sure to enjoy all KZM has to offer. Share our stuff and promote your sport. Because as any nordie knows, it’s not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.


Live the Nordic Life!

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