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Kick Zone Media strives to raise awareness and build enthusiasm for nordic sports. Because as any "NordIe" knows: It's not a sport; It's a lifestyle.

By highlighting the stories of those who live the nordic life, Kick Zone hopes to motivate skiers, jumpers and shooters, novice and experienced, to get out, be healthy, grow, develop and learn by means of nordic sports.


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Kick Zone Media understands first hand that living a nordic life is financially difficult. Often times the greatest competition an athlete faces is a dwindling bank account. What good is training if you can't even afford to make it to the race?

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Brian Halligan

Founder: Kick Zone Media - Host: Word on the Trail

My Story:

From a young age I knew I was a Nordic (cross country) skier. Guided by my parents and their values of healthiness as not a daily chore but as a lifestyle, spending hours on the trails running, biking, skiing and racing became more than hobby for me; it became an identity. In a time of my adolescence when my peers just began to comprehend the notion of personality and character I knew I was a Nordic skier.

At first it was just something my family did on the weekends. We’d suit up and head out to the race to watch my dad compete against the best from the region. My father would ski by at a pace that seemed impossible to match. But I knew my time would come. The best part of the weekend was when it was my time to race. The feeling you get when you step up to the line and know, someone here is going to be “the best”. The feeling of being in the heat of the action, zooming past friends and competitors, tactically thinking about the next move. But most importantly putting your body to the ultimate physical test and proving to yourself, and everyone else you can do it, you can handle it, you are tough and you are fast.

My love of ski racing grew parallel to my growth from a youth racer to a young high schooler. When confronted with bigger and better competition I did not shy away, but instead looked forward to the challenge. Understanding my natural abilities weren’t enough to satisfy my competitiveness I began putting in the work away from the race to ensure my body was not only ready for the test, but more capable than my competition.  

As a sophomore in high school I set my sights beyond anything I had ever experienced before: the world stage. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, and it wouldn’t just happen, I was going to have to work at it to achieve it. Two years of training, sweating, learning and growing all compiled and equated to my first qualification of Jr. World Championships.

I knew this qualification was just a peek into my potential as a skier. There was more hard work to be done, more sweat to sweat and more races conquer. I had always known I was a Nordic skier, so after graduation I became a full-time Nordic skier. Day-in and day-out working toward the goal of satisfying my incredibly high competitive standards.

By this time my love of Nordic racing evolved from competition against external racers, to keeping up with my internal criteria. Every six hour run and 15 kilometer race was a competition against my limits, my ability. Every action I took was in the name of self-improvement, self-empowerment and a love for ski racing.

This competitive drive that Nordic skiing instilled within me has opened countless doors, introduced me to extraordinary people from all over the world and manifested itself as international experiences my peers envied. It’s this envy that has made me realize how lucky and fortunate I am to have been exposed to Nordic skiing, not as a sport, but as a means to a healthy lifestyle.

Nordic Sports have given me more than just trips around the world and a drawer full of medals. Living the Nordic lifestyle instills values of Discipline, Independence, hard work, self-worth, poise and determination among many others.

Nordic Sports have given me and many others an appreciation for the outdoors and our planet. content with mountain biking in the Rockies or running in the Adirondacks, Nordic sports lead to an outdoor life full of adventure and duty to protect mother nature and her beauty, becasue not to mention the most fundamental aspect of nordic sports: Snow

Nordic sports have given us respect for others despite our competitive nature. when stepping up to the line at a competition, your ability is backed by years of sacrifice, struggle and development. When you look down that line you may see a competitor, but in a more real sense you see a human who has had their own list of sacrifices, struggles and developments. Although you want nothing more than to beat them, you respect them for who they are. 

Nordic sports lead to a lifetime of healthiness becasue nordic is not a sport, it's a lifestyle. one does not end a career of outdoor living after graduation. Nor does one give up on their appreciation for others after ending a competitive race career. And one does not retire their values after stepping away from the trail. Nordic is a sport for life. whether racing on the masters circuit, or just getting out to tour through the woods, there is no expiration on the Nordic Lifestyle. 

I owe all I have and all I am to Nordic sports. So now, with the values learned through Nordic sports, my mission is to give back to the sport and promote it not only as the sport I love, but as a means to a happy, successful, healthy and productive life.

"Live the Nordic Life"