Why Advertise on Word on the Trail?


What is Nordic?

"Nordic Sports" consist of 5 sports which originated in the Scandinavian region

  • Cross Country Skiing

    • Commonly referred to as "Nordic Skiing"
  • Biathlon

    • Nordic Skiing and Rifle Marksmanship
  • Ski Jumping

    • lunatics do this sport
  • Nordic Combined 

    • Ski Jumping and Nordic Skiing
  • Ski-Orienteering 

    • Nordic Skiing and Map Orienting

4.5 million cross country skiers in the U.S.*

$42.7 million industry*


*According to xcskireports.com


35,000 Registered USSA Nordic National Racers*


50,000 Estimated Local and High School Racers


*According to a USSA representative


Advertising Options

1. Sponsorship

Cost: $15 CPM (per 1000 listens)

Contains: 30 seconds of promotion at beginning of select episodes. Can include calls to action. Kick Zone keeps tally of listeners of advertised episode within the first four weeks of air. 

3. Underwriting

Cost: $250

Contains: 15 second advertising at beginning and end of every episode. Cannot contain calls to action or make quantifying statements. Payment is expected up front. 

5. Promote Your Brand

Cost: $250 + $15 CPM

Contains: You or a representative of your company will become the guest of an episode of Word on the Trail to promote your product or brand. $250 will be expected upfront and $15 CPM will be calculated based on listens within 4 weeks of air. 



2. Affiliate Advertising

Cost: Free

Contains: 30 seconds of promotion at beginning of select episodes. Can include calls to action. Advertiser provides listener with a promotional code to use at checkout of website, Kick Zone receives percentage of sales in which code was used.

4. Product Advertising

Cost: Product

Contains: 15 Seconds of promotion at beginning of every episode. Can include calls to action. Product will be given to guests of the show as well as used for promotional purposes. 

Olympic sized dreams can't come true without support from brands like you


Connect with the Nordic Community

Living the Nordic lifestyle instills values of Discipline, Independence, hard work, self-worth, poise and determination among many others. It is the goal of Kick Zone Media and Word on the Trail to not only share the stories and experiences of those living the nordic life, but to promote nordic sports as a means to a healthy lifestyle. In an attempt to to increase exposure and grow participation, Kick Zone was founded by nordic skiiers, for nordic skiiers. 


Whether you are an nordic industry company or an outsider looking to reach our loyal audience, Kick Zone wants to promote your brand to our listeners. 

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