Become a Guest on Word on the Trail

Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest on the show. Not so sure if you're guest material? To that I ask you to think back to a younger you and think of the coaches and experiences that have compiled along your nordic journey teaching you everything you know now. With this podcast you have a chance to be that knowledge yielding power for someone in a much different stage of their nordic life. Even something that seems basic or simple can be enlightening and entertaining for our nordic loving listeners. 

Not only will guests have a chance to share their story to the Word on the Trail audience, but guests will also receive a bunch of Kick Zone merchandise as well as exclusive offers from show sponsors. All you have to do is fill out the following forum and you will be well on your way to becoming a guest on Word on the Trail. Refer this form to others who have potential to be entertaining guests and you could win some Kick Zone merch even if you don't get selected to be a guest.. 

*Kick Zone reserves the right to not select a candidate to become a guest for any reason
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What can we talk about on the show that you know better than most others living the nordic lifestyle. Can be as specific as waxing, eating healthy, technique or race strategy. Or examples of less specific topics include balancing training and work/school, holding your own as a younger member of a team, training on your own or keeping up with the latest news/gossip in the nordic community. Word on the Trail is always looking for people to give their opinion of recent developments on the World Cup.
Weekends you are available to interview.
Recording usually takes about an hour to two and a half hours. Select all that apply (even if only available one day)
I am willing to travel to Saratoga, NY for interview
if elect to travel, you will be reimbursed gas money and be treated to dinner in historic downtown Saratoga Springs, NY.